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Nutcase [for Loose Screws]

Instructables Write-Up


It’s a nutcase.. for loose screws (made by a nutcase with loose screws). And yes, I know that not all of those are screws in the picture, but please don’t bolt.

In any case, the fasten-ating idea has been floating around in my head after another incident of someone groaning at my puns. I happened to be holding fasteners at that time so I replied, “I swear I’m not nuts!” At this point, the person started to walk away while shaking his head, so I had to follow up with “Hey, don’t bolt” (Not my fault; he walked right into that one…).

This nutcase essentially consists of stacked aluminum hexagons making up the walls of the box. The lid and sides of the box are decorated with my leftover nut collection from previous projects (mixed with random brass nuts from a hardware shop for color and surrounded by a rim of Keps nuts with free-spinning washers). Also featured are my loose screws (and bolts): besides the mental ones, I have lots of leftover screws and bolts from gear trains, watches, and woodworking.


Waterjet design,Gluing (without getting fingers stuck together), Healthy fasten-ation of different types of nuts and screws

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