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Modular Tetris Lamp

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Instructables Write-Up (won 1 contest on Instructables)


This was an idea that occupied my sketchbook for a while: a modular lamp whose units would light up upon contact with one another. I had tricky standards for this project:

  • Must be as low cost as possible (no soldering/laser cutting necessary)
  • Similar to actual tetris so units may be rearranged into different orders/configurations while remaining lit up
  • Use up some of the extra materials I have lying around
  • Have a simple battery design (a 3V coin battery powers this)
  • Have a simple on/off switch
  • Enable selective lighting while remaining connected (so some cubes will be on while others are off)
  • Use magnets so that units are secured to one another
  • The only thing I couldn’t incorporate was a replaceable battery system 🙁

The idea is based of this product by thinkgeek, which costs $50 more than I wanted to spend, but I got my version’s cost down to $3.27 (though I did happen to have random materials lying around)!


Electronics (Ohm’s law in real life), Troubleshooting

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