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Layered Sculpture Lamps

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Instructables Write-Up (won 1 contest on Instructables)


Besides being my advanced version of procrastination, this project should tell you two things about me:

  1. I work off stress with my hands.
  2. I really like lamps.

This was the byproduct of a need to work off stress from the summer 2016 internship search (or rather the sting of rejections…). Inspiration came from a raindrop lamp I saw a while ago, in addition to layered veneer sculptures that I’ve made before. Essentially, paper cutouts of increasing sizes (but same general design) are spaced out and stacked. That way, light can pass through the stacks and create interesting lighting patterns


Adobe Illustrator, Precise paper cutting skills (and usage of electronic cutter when things got too frustrating)

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