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Implant MATLAB Analysis

  • Implant at center of femur diaphysis cross section
    Implant at center of femur diaphysis cross section

Analysis of implant locations (stress shielding, bone remodeling…)




In my orthopedic biomechanics class, I’ve learned about the human anatomy and how implants affect anatomical behavior, especially in the hip, knee, spine, and shoulders.

In one MATLAB project, the task was to compute stress distributions throughout a femur diaphysis cross-section from grayscale images of femur and implant cross sections. This involved moment of inertia and bending stress calculations assuming asymmetric beam loading conditions. The implant was modeled in different locations to analyze the optimization of positioning in context of stress shielding and bone remodeling. To address the variability of bone, homogeneous vs. heterogeneous bone, and young vs. old bone Young’s moduli, assumptions were used in different analyses.

From computed stress distributions, contour plots with corresponding neutral axes (in slideshow above) were generated for enhanced visualization of the tensile and compressive stresses throughout the bone and implant.


MATLAB, Implant geometry and location analysis, Image analysis, Asymmetric beam calculations

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