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Celltheon Corporation

  • 96 Well Plates
    I handled sub cloning processes, in which cells were diluted down to a few thousand per mL before being deposited in 96 well plates


Throughout my freshman and sophomore college years, I worked in process development for a bioprocessing company called Celltheon Corporation.

Most notably, I was in charge of cell line development pipeline in which cells would be transfected with genes of interest and diluted down for selection of a single high-producing clone. In this role I delegated miscellaneous wet lab tasks to a team of 3, on top of caring for my own set of flasks, creating analytical Excel sheets with formulas to calculate nutrient consumption and waste productive levels, and designing visual representations of the data for client updates. I also assisted in process development for identifying optimal feeding schedules of cell lines as well as bioreactor set up (cleaning, sterilization, and seeding) for client production.


Design of Experiments, Process optimization, Bioprocessing, Bioreactor production, Cell line development, Cell culture


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