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Biomechanical Analysis and Design

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In my biomechanical analysis and design course, my team and I investigated the effects of leaflet quantity on the aortic valve’s stress and strain distribution.

This has applications in the development of implantable heart valves: varying the number of leaflets, even if not found naturally in humans, could lead to more effective tissue-engineered aortic valves. Importing models generated in SolidWorks, FEA simulations were run using COMSOL Multiphysics to analyze the stress and strain distributions of heart valve models with varying leaflet numbers.

In the team, I researched typical aortic valve dimensions and generated simplified models in SolidWorks with bicuspid, tricuspid, and quadricuspid geometries. I also assisted in COMSOL analysis and formatted the final paper in LaTeX in proper PNAS manuscript style.


COMSOL FEA (solid mechanics and deformations), SolidWorks, LaTeX text editing, Physiological dimensions research


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